Starting January 2025, Ireland will mandate pension auto-enrolment for eligible employees. Ensure your business is ready to comply with these new regulations and provide your employees with a secure financial future.

Why pension auto-enrolment matters

Enrol in a pension scheme before January 2025 - don’t risk facing greater tax disadvantages, compared to other businesses

Mandatory participation

Mandatory participation

Employees aged 23-60 earning €20,000 or more will be automatically enrolled.

Employer contributions

Employer contributions

Employers must match employee contributions, with additional government support.

No tax disadvantages

No tax disadvantages

You’ll save up thousands in tax on your pension scheme

How to prepare your business

Steps to ensure compliance and success

Consult a financial advisor

Engage with financial experts to identify the best pension plan options for your business.

Review existing pension plans

Ensure your current plans align with the new auto-enrolment regulations.

Educate your employees

Inform your staff about the benefits and specifics of auto-enrolment to ensure a smooth transition.

The benefits for your business

Enhance your employment package and boost employee morale

Attract top talent

A robust pension plan makes your employment package more attractive.

Boost employee morale

Providing financial security can enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Regulatory compliance

Stay compliant to avoid fines and legal complications.


Frequently asked questions

Don’t wait - act now!

Secure your business and support your employees

Start preparing today to ensure your business is ready for the changes coming in January 2025. By acting now, you can secure your business's future and provide valuable benefits to your employees.


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